That’s not the right question. A better one: Do they have a choice?

Griffin’s injuries are concerning. If you could ever get him healthy for an extended stretch of time, though, it feels like there’s still a ceiling on this team they haven’t yet hit. Paul turns 32 on May 6, but he’s still nearly as good as ever. It doesn’t feel like he’s nearing a dramatic drop off yet.
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None of the alternatives are viable options. If they bring back only Paul or Griffin, they don’t have the cap space to sign anyone else. If they let them both walk, they may not even have the cap space for one max-level player, let alone two. If they bring back only Paul and Griffin, skimping on the role players around them and ditching Redick, then they’re stuck with a team that’s functionally worse than one that just lost in the first round. If they decide to blow it all up, they don’t own their 2019 first-round pick and have players like Rivers and Crawford and Jordan under expensive contracts for several more seasons.

Game Womens Dee Gordon Jersey As free agents, Paul or Griffin could just sign somewhere else. There’s no guarantee they’re coming back to Los Angeles, not with the repeated playoff failures they’ve both sustained. However, if the Clippers have the option to re-sign them, it doesn’t seem like they have any choice except doing just that.

For a best-case scenario, it’s a lousy one. But what else are the Clippers going to do?

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