The Saints last season ranked second in pass attempts

Sure, makes sense. But Kaepernick in that passage could be replaced by Manziel and still apply.

The Saints last season ranked second in pass attempts, first in passing yards, first in passing yards per game and fifth in passing yards per attempt.
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Are we supposed to believe Manziel, who has completed just 147 NFL passes and has a career yards per attempt average of 6.5, can run the same offense Brees has mastered after 11 years in New Orleans? Would replacing Brees with Manziel be doing right by the other 10 guys in the huddle?

Brees in those 11 seasons has an average of 7.7 yards per attempt. The Saints love to throw the ball downfield.

Manziel, who won the Heisman Trophy while at Texas A&M primarily due to his dazzling, scrambling style of play, has never proven himself capable of throwing the ball downfield with consistency and accuracy, save for a few Mike Evans jump balls in college.

Will everyone openly love and embrace rule changes and the sport’s cultural changes? Of course not. There are things I can’t stand. (The intentional walk rule is one. Vest jerseys are another. Those are just the worst). You also can’t get everyone to agree on the day of the week, or whether the earth is flat. And that’s what’s troubling.

That same vocal minority of baseball traditionalists seems to be a major turn-off to others wanting to stay or get involved in the sport. Perhaps the explanation is the generation gap.
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We live in an age when people on social networking sites all scream Look at me! It’s what the younger generation is into, and while leagues such as the NBA — and, to a lesser extent, the NFL — allow their players to market themselves and allow fans more accessibility to the leagues’ respective players, MLB is seemingly lagging behind.

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