More tidbits and factoids about ‘It’s a Long Way to October’ and the ’82 Braves

When you conduct hours of interviews with multiple people for a single story, there are always good tidbits and anecdotes that get left out, either because they don’t exactly fit the narrative or because including them would bog things down.
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There were a good number of these during my interviews for the deep dive into the groundbreaking but obscure 1982 Braves documentary, It’s a Long Way to October, so I thought I’d share a few.

I mentioned in the story that some on the Braves thought having the documentary crew around during the record-setting 13-game winning streak in April had brought good luck. Pitching coach Bob Gibson saw another reason. When getting on the team bus one night during the streak, Gibson paused to adjust the mirrors. We’ve gotta make sure these are just right, he said, according to multiple people, because that’s how we’re doing it.

I’ve been talking with my physical therapist as far as whether I can showcase anything, said Ramczyk, who will be headed to Indianapolis next month along with other injured prospects for a medical re-check. We’re not sure yet.

It’s just an injury where you don’t want to push too early and have something bad happen, especially before the draft. I should be cleared to be 100 percent full pads, full practice by May. My film is going to speak a lot for me.

Womens Wayne Gretzky Jersey Just the fact Ramczyk has any after his college path speaks well for what he has forged.

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