Let’s talk with theoretical physicist Ronald Mallett about the nature and perception of time.

We’re here learning about time itself.

In a way, there are actually really two broad perspectives on time: One is the physical, the other is psychological, Mallett says. By the physical, what I mean is the perspective that physics has on it, which is independent of us.

James added that roughly half of the championship teams during his career thus far — six out of 14 — have come from the supposedly weaker East.

I’ve been a part of the Eastern Conference my whole career and we’ve been very, very competitive, James said. There’s been years where we weren’t as good. If I can think from once I got into the league, it’s been us, I’ve done it three times, Detroit, Boston, Miami in ’06, that’s like [six] championships out of 14 years. That’s [about] half, right? So what are we talking about?

An NBA-record seven teams are at least 20 games below .500 at the All-Star break. And those seven teams will face one another a combined 17 more times, which is when we may learn the true depths of this year’s tanking.

Not only do the current standings have an unprecedented logjam at the bottom, but many experts anticipate a loaded NBA draft, assuming certain underclassmen declare.

“You can probably get five franchise-changing players this year,” ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose told host Bob Ley on Outside the Lines this week. “[Tanking is] almost worth it for those teams.”

Hornacek will likely use some combination of Ntilikina, Burke and Mudiay regularly in the backcourt.

After averaging 19.2 PPG, 17.4 FGA and 3.3 FTA in January, Andrew Wiggins has averaged just 12.9 PPG, 12.7 FGA and 1.4 FTA in seven games this month. What is the likelihood he returns to his January-level production?49ers_077

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