Sanchez is trying to reconnect with Gray

I think there is some of the ebb and flow of a season of hitting and those things are going to kind of happen, the manager said. I think Miggy — without getting too wonky with it — when he’s in sync with how he loads with his bat and everything, when that’s on point, he’s electric offensively.

So I think sometimes maybe that gets a little out of whack. What I’ve seen though, through this, when he’s not on fire like he was or hitting all the extra base hits, I’m still seeing a lot of really competitive at-bats. I’m seeing him with still the ability to lay off pitches outside the zone that they’re trying to get him to chase as a young player, making that adjustment to him.

Andujar has seen his batting average drop from.300 through his first 20 games to.271, or a 29-point fall, come Friday. Over his last 10 games, he’s hit.211 with a.441 OPS — no extra-base hits.

After hitting three homers from April 17 through April 23, he’s hit none.

He said he watched the Texans’ most recent five games from last season and has been studying the playbook to enter camp as prepared as possible. ”I kind of have a feel for how this process goes before having even gone through it,” Reid said. ”It’s still different going through it myself for the first time, but it is nice for having that rough road map and having a feel for how these things go.”

And if either it was really hidden or he wasn’t super thorough, I could see how this could happen.

The Lions use an employment background screening company that conducts background checks on all hires, and that firm produced a report on Patricia during the hiring process that did not include any reference to his Texas arrest.

It’s unclear what, if any, information the firm uncovered about the case while vetting Patricia, but when the Lions went back to examine why they only recently learned about the incident, they discovered that Massachusetts employment law prevents the screening company from providing, or them from using as part of their employment decision, information about an arrest, indictment or conviction more than seven years old.

Because Patricia was a resident of Massachusetts at the time of his hiring, the Lions were subject to those laws as well as other local and federal regulations.

(We) always (do) the right thing in our employment practices, including background checks, interview questions, employment practices at all levels, whether it’s a player, coach or executive, Lions president Rod Wood said Friday.colts_010

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