Why did Sonny Gray choose Pickles for his nickname?

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It makes sense, and the desire to keep a bullpen fresh is obvious when you compare the position-player pitchers used today to some of the position players from years past. We know one of the most famous examples of a star pitching:

Samson Ebukam Jersey I’ve read a lot of people suggest this inning was the reason that Jose Canseco needed Tommy John surgery a month later, and it’s definitely a juicy twist to the story, one that definitely fits with the person of a dude who hit a home run with his head and has figured out the mysteries of life. Alas, it’s too good to be true. From Kevin Kennedy’s book, Twice Around the Bases:

This is so beautiful. Phegley, who fits the bill of a Player to Be Named Later perfectly as a backup catcher who came to Oakland as a throwaway player in a trade, isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself here and in the process has one of the best nickname jerseys of the weekend. Way to commit, Josh.

Nobody seems to know. That makes it better, though, as he either just decided that his own nickname was going to be Pickles starting right now or there’s a really good story behind it. Gray just got to New York. Way to make an impression.

Edwards Jr. is the only player in the league who was allowed to put a brand name on the back of his jersey. The policy makes sense in that the league can’t have players compromising their sponsorship deals with other companies that could conflict.

If there was one exception that the league was going to make (seeing as it had to approve all of jerseys), we’re glad it was this one.