Matt Ryan Jersey and Julio Jones Jersey don’t seem to be right without Kyle Shanahan.

Do not, not, not trust the Giants yet. Going 0-16 wasn’t likely, anyway, and beating the Broncos when they were expected to get blown out is just typical of this NFL season. The Seahawks come off a bye and a defensive stop of the Rams that kept them above .500. The Giants, with Eli Manning and no wide receivers, are not going to take down the Broncos and Seahawks’ defenses in back-to-back weeks.

Limited Mens Brady Skjei Jersey Kirk Cousins is starting to play better despite the fact that many of his top pass-catchers are struggling to get on the same page with him. He’s also dealing with a tough coordinator change away from McVay.

The Raiders desperately need this win to stay not only in the AFC West race, but also the playoff chase as a whole. Falling to 2-5 would be an impossible hole, so the Raiders need to dig deep with Derek Carr and rise to the Chiefs’ challenge. A short week with a long road trip will be tough for Kansas City, and it’s a great chance for Oakland to exact some TNF revenge. The Chiefs drop two in a row as Carr comes through with a familiar game-winning drive to out-duel Alex Smith.

2/4 The sins & immaturity of my past do not mean I can never speak up for what is right & good. & I have no problem taking the heat that inevitably comes. You hypocrite! Yes, yes I have been one. Many times, actually. This is my story. A mess of a human, saved by grace.

3/4 I can simultaneously admit my own flaws & failings & say yes, I am disappointed that we are promoting a company name that still maintains support for horrific personal attacks against multiple women within ESPN.

Kids Mikael Backlund Jersey 4/4 I am speaking up not to say I am perfect, be like me but rather where do we draw a line, what are our standards? I don’t meet my own standards sometimes. This does not mean we throw the standard away. This means we get better. We speak up. We listen. We get better.