Tony Romo is retiring, but nobody believes that he’ll go through with it

Tony Romo is reportedly retiring to begin a new chapter of his life in the broadcast booth. Nobody is willing to believe it.

Despite the reports, teams weren’t ready to accept the news. At least one front office thinks he’ll be available again once offseason workouts get into full swing.

One NFL exec texted now: “Romo is now every teams emergency backup qb in case your starter gets hurt, pay him to come out of “retirement.’ ”

Philipse: This is a fairly obvious pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have a need for a versatile, explosive tight end and Njoku is an outstanding talent, if a little raw. The Bucs have almost no depth at the position, with Cameron Brate, a solid but unremarkable intermediate receiving tight end, and Luke Stocker, a pure blocker.
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The Bucs could look at different positions, but the top three receivers are already off the board, the available safeties probably aren’t worth the 19th-overall pick, and spending a first-round pick on a running back is always a dubious proposition. The Bucs have been linked to some defensive ends, but that position isn’t a pressing need by any means.

Limited Youth Ozzie Newsome Jersey That leaves Njoku, who has the potential to become a good blocker, while also being explosive enough to threaten the deep middle of the field, and versatile enough to create mismatches all over the formation. Njoku would turn an already talented Bucs offense into a potentially deadly one.

Analysis: Tight end isn’t Tampa’s biggest need. It’s free safety, but at No. 19 there might not be one available. Perhaps the Buccaneers could reach a little on Obi Melifonwu of Connecticut or convert a player like Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey. If they don’t go that direction, targeting Njoku makes sense. It’s slightly early for him, but tight ends with his level of pure athleticism are rare.