When was the Golden Age for every position in baseball history?

Justin Turner is hitting .387 with a .472 on-base percentage. Those are absurd, fan-fiction numbers, suggesting that the Dodgers’ third baseman has found a new gear. He hasn’t made the All-Star team yet.

Kris Bryant isn’t hitting for average, but the reigning MVP is still pummeling the ball, with a .901 OPS to match his stellar defense. He hasn’t made the All-Star team yet

Malcolm Smith Elite Jersey Anthony Rendon is having a career year, with a .947 OPS and more walks than strikeouts. His defense at third is also solid, and he’s ripped 16 homers. He hasn’t made the All-Star team yet.

Dan Skuta Elite Jersey Eric Stephen doesn’t have a single home run this year. He hasn’t made the All-Star team yet. But he did look at why Turner might not be going to Miami, and he determined that third base is a rough place for a prospective All-Star.

Is Cardinals Kitty Magic more effective than Cardinals Devil Magic?

The Mariners absolutely knew what they needed. They needed to go to the reliever store and fill up the cart like they were on a game show.

The only problem was that there weren’t a lot of relievers traded. Scott Service was traded in a minor deal. Roberto Hernandez was traded in a major deal that involved Wilson Alvarez and six of the Giants’ best prospects, so you can understand how it would have been hard for the Mariners to worm their way into the middle of that.

There should have been a lot more relievers traded. Todd Jones was on a listless Tigers team. Jeff Montgomery wasn’t doing the Royals much good, and you would have figured the Rangers would have been eager to trade John Wetteland and his contract after the season started falling apart. Ugueth Urbina, Ricky Bottalico, Dennis Eckersley, Jeff Shaw, and about a dozen other relievers on bad teams would have been dealt in today’s trade market. The pitchers with team control would have been especially popular.