The Bengals’ bill was going to come due eventually

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Beane and Sean McDermott have history with the Panthers, and putting him in place with McDermott instead of Doug Whaley should at least clean up the lines of communication. He’s a blank slate for the Bills for now, since they oddly made the change after the draft and, of course, free agency. There’s talent on paper, which has tended to be on the inactive list more than on the field.

Loomis is keeping the band together — Sean Payton and Drew Brees — and trying to wring one more good run out of it. A lot is riding on Adrian Peterson’s addition: not that much money, but how he affects the offense. Moving Brandin Cooks before they had to pay him was a major gamble, so the remaining receivers and the return from that trade have to do well.

The Bengals’ bill was going to come due eventually, and it arrived last season: Things were already falling apart before A.J. Green’s injury. The implosion from years of risky signings didn’t deter Brown and Marvin Lewis from grabbing Joe Mixon in the draft, though. They need to get back into contention fast (which is a tall order in the AFC North) to justify continuing on this path.
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Why it might not happen: Population does not necessarily mean baseball interest, and as appealing as Texas might be, it’s not like the Astros and Rangers haven’t had their bumps along the way. The Rangers in particular might not like the idea of adding a team in what is not their set territory but certainly is in their sphere of influence. Major League Soccer might be a better fit for a second San Antonio sports team.

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