Le’Veon Bell turned down a 5-year deal with the Steelers at the last minute, per report

In the final hours before the deadline to sign Le’Veon Bell to a long-term contract, the Pittsburgh Steelers thought they agreed to terms with the running back’s agent, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. But then Bell nixed the deal.

It’s great news for Chick-fil-A employees who want to watch the Falcons on Sunday, and horrible for anyone else seeing the Falcons on Sunday. It’s good news for college fans and MLS fans though, who will get all the chicken they can eat on their game days.

The Mercedes-Benz stadium concessions list notes that on Sundays, Chick-fil-A is replaced by “Fries Up,” which was a hashtag Chick-fil-A coined during the Falcons playoff run in 2017, but despite the link there won’t be any chicken at the restaurant.

Undrafted rookie Marcelis Branch blows his coverage, and Bosher tried to recover the punt before it hit the ground, but the ball bounced off of his hands. The blocked punt came shortly after another one of Bosher’s punts was very nearly blocked.

Atlanta also allowed the Steelers’ Trey Williams to run one of Bosher’s punts in the third quarter back 64 yards for a touchdown.

The Falcons have plenty of young players and undrafted free agents — including Branch — who are trying to make an impression in the preseason. That lack of experience for Bosher’s blockers plays into this.

But preseason is the time for everybody to knock the rust off, including punters.redskins_012_ffe26216cd11f695-180x180

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