The Cowboys would be a clear-cut NFC favorite if they had RB Ezekiel Elliott Jersey available for the entire season.

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Personally I’m a big proponent of John Dorsey and his ability to find talent in the draft. Handing him four picks in the top 40 of this upcoming draft, including the No. 1 overall pick and the No. 4 overall pick, should produce a lot of premium talent. At the very least you’re going to see a lot of Browns win the draft again stories this offseason (which is perhaps not that different from other offseasons, and we know how that has worked out). But if you’re a Browns fan, you cannot be happy about what happened over the last 48 hours.
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Youth Gabriel Gagne Jersey For starters, Cleveland lost its last game of the season to fall to 0-16. That is depressing, as low as it gets for an NFL fanbase. And despite that, Jackson kept his job, having been promised to stay on as head coach earlier in the year by owner Jimmy Haslam. It appears Dorsey didn’t have a say, which is odd for a new general manager who theoretically has been given a lot of power.

But with Elliott suspended for six games, pending the outcome of his appeal, that front-runner status has been undercut. The early schedule is relatively demanding. And it only takes an extra loss or two to tilt the balance of power in the conference or even within the NFC East, which should be strong.

The Chargers exercised their L.A. option in January of this year after failing to secure public funding for a Chris Sabo Authentic Jersey new stadium in San Diego.

But was the NFL simply leaving San Diego because it could not secure a stadium solution there, rather than putting a second team in Los Angeles because it actually believed that was a good idea? It’s an interesting question. Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, told The Dan Patrick Show this month that he would have been fine with the Chargers remaining in San Diego and the Rams being the lone L.A. franchise.

We embrace any team that comes, Garcetti said in that radio interview. We’re certainly happy to have the Chargers in L.A. But I think we could have been happy with just one [team], too.

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