Panthers sticking with what they have at quarterback for now

The Panthers let backup quarterback Derek Anderson walk into free agency — where he remains.

To date, they haven’t replaced him, but they appear in no rush to find a veteran backup for Cam Newton.

King, 61, made the decision in large part to take better care of himself. He had one brother die at 55, while another brother and his father both passed away at 64. One brother had a heart issue, while the other suffered from complications from a kidney. King’s father was a heavy smoker and had lung cancer.

In recent years, King had been not only writing and doing TV, but he was leading the operations of’s vertical, TheMMQB. The incessant demands of the Internet got to him.

The way it was before we got very web heavy and daily conscious was the draft was over and you maybe worked on one or two stories before training camp, but you didn’t wake up every day and say, ‘You have to feed the monster,’ King said. Now, you do. I’m just not crazy about May, June and July, trying to figure out how we are going to fill up our website for 10 weeks.

With Yiadom’s deal done, the Broncos need to sign first-rounder Bradley Chubb and third-rounder Royce Freeman to wrap up their 10-player class.

It’d be a lot of different things. Honestly, I couldn’t pinpoint one specific thing. My overall game is kind of what I work on every summer, said LeVert, who does plan to pack some more muscle on his spindly 6-foot-7, 203-pound frame. I think this summer, specifically, the most important thing would probably be getting stronger.

LeVert, who fell to the Nets in the draft because of multiple foot injuries, dealt with knee, foot and concussion woes last season. He’s hoping putting in work with the performance team in the offseason will help keep him on the court next season.

I think health is my No. 1 objective. It has been since last year and going into next year it will be as well, said LeVert. I’m very optimistic this season. I feel like we got a lot closer as a team. Guys are getting more comfortable playing with each other. Going forward, I feel like we kind of have some core guys that we’re going to go forward with.

Tsai’s personal fortune keeps growing – his net worth jumping from $8.24 billion last May to $12.1 billion in the latest Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index – and the Nets aren’t the only U.S. sports team he’s looked at spending some of it on.

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