Second of all from a Darwinian perspective, this makes no sense.

Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts
I’ll just ask what I think is an interesting question. Are we really sure he’s even the best running back on the Colts? He closed strong last year, but Gore went nine games before Week 16 without reaching 100 yards rushing. He’s 32 now and tied his fewest touchdowns since his rookie year last year. Meanwhile, Dan Herron showed he had value down the stretch last season, and Vick Ballard (if he can stay healthy) is plenty talented as well. Herron is a wild card, and Ballard has missed basically all of two seasons, and Gore is almost certainly the best Indianapolis running back. But there’s that little almost.

A Australian mom made the news for posting pictures of her breastfeeding two toddlers at once except heres the ting- one wasnt her own. Apparently she has worked out a relatonship with her friend that allows her to breastfeed both children while the other mom is at work- she calls the boys “milk siblings” which is pretty badass and will probably not make it weird for them when they get to middle school.

First of all if you’ve never made the journey through breastfeedng moms facebook I highly recommend it. Its full of healthy hints and tips for why breastfeedng is actualy good. Its like having a militant group of people posting every spare thought who have somhow convinced themselves that people who wear hats are being violoentley persecuted during the playing of national anthems.

Second of all from a Darwinian perspective, this makes no sense. if you want to pass your genes down and have your child have a better chance at procreaton why are you literaly giving nourishment to his competition? What if this other boy grows up to one day murder your son bet you’d feel stupid. I mean its probably not going to happen but from a evolutonary standpoint this is bad parenting.

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