Both Beyer and Shao agree that Fredette

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To combat these obstacles, Beyer and his teams give their clients a crash course on the inner workings of Chinese culture when they arrive, including how to manage the relationships with their teams, coaches and front-offices.

“The personality part is extremely important,” Beyer said. “Chinese people in general are very warm people. If you buy into the culture and be warm to them, they will be warm to you 10 times of that.”

Former Brigham Young standout Jimmer Fredette is helping his Shanghai Sharks lead the standings in his first CBA season while averaging more than 37 points and eight rebounds a game.

However, Marbury still stands as one of a kind despite being nearly 40 years old. Many Chinese fans say that there are two kinds of foreign players: Marbury and everyone else.

The most disconcerting issue for the Bulls is that the mental errors never seem to get fixed. Unless Butler, or to a lesser extent, Wade takes over late, the Bulls find ways to lose games instead of finding ways to win them.

Arizona Diamondbacks Authentic Jersey “This is a very young team with young guys we’re counting on who has to play in these games and they have to go through these moments,” Wade said. “The one thing you want for them, whether it’s this year or next year, whatever, you want them to get to the point where they’re learning and not making the same mistakes, we’re not making the same mistakes as a unit. But when you’re counting on young guys, you’re going to have these bumps on the top of your head sometimes.”

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