NBA trades: DeMarcus Cousins deal with Pelicans an all-around failure for Kings

Seemingly just minutes, not hours, after the 2017 All-Star Game ended, the NBA saw its biggest midseason blockbuster trade in years. The Kings — perpetually in a television sitcom-like will they or won’t they conundrum with their mercurial superstar — traded DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans. The full details of the deal are as follows:

Will Redmond Authentic Jersey It wasn’t just that the Kings didn’t get a great package back for Cousins. It was the way the whole thing unfolded — the embarrassment of saying Cousins would not be traded, the speed of the shift away from that statement, the way that general manager Vlade Divac said he had a better offer days ago but turned it down, and the damage done among players and agents by the treatment of Cousins.

Cousins has never been too sympathetic a figure. But the Kings’ bugling changed that.

Everyone wants to lambaste Sixers owner Bryan Colangelo over the deal the Sixers made to send Nerlens Noel to Dallas (Andrew Bogut, Justin Anderson and what’s likely to be two second-rounders was the return). That ticked off the devotees of Sam Hinkie’s approach to rebuilding in Philadelphia, most of whom have never been on board with Colangelo’s hiring.

Chandler Jones Authentic Jersey But if you’ve listened to Sixers coach Brett Brown over the last couple of years, you’ve heard him repeat the notion that the problem with the way the team was operating was that the roster was lopsided and he could not play everybody. That hinders development. It also damages trade value. That was one reason the Sixers had trouble finding a good deal for Jahlil Okafor, who is now likely to be moved in the offseason.